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There’s no shortage of ingredients that can be used in a pre-workout formula.  Everything from stimulants, to nootropics, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, vasodilators, the list goes on and on.  Up until now, you needed several different ingredients just to achieve the desired result from your pre-workout.  That is, up until patented Nitrosigine® wa

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If we have strong immunity, our body will be able to fight viruses, bacteria, and other harmful germs and pathogens. Our immune system includes organs, tissues, cells, and proteins. Together, they do all the bodily functions that prevent pathogens, such as viruses, bacteria, and other foreign bodies to do harm and cause viruses, diseases, or …

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When it comes to muscle growth, people tend to think very narrow in the sense that it comes down to the actual workout being completed and the recovery process that follows.  While both of those are crucial for improving muscle growth, a vital piece of the puzzle is actually blood flow. The one thing many people chase …

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When you think of recovery in the sense of muscles, what comes to mind? Muscle soreness? Muscle growth? Nutrient replenishment? All of the above? When it comes to exercise, recovery is a necessary response to tearing down muscle fibers and using up key nutrients that allow muscles to function properly and efficiently. Should the muscle …

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Cosas que están matando lentamente su metabolismo ¿Has estado probando todo lo que hay bajo el sol para perder peso pero sientes que nada funciona? Tal vez funcione un poco, pero luego te estancas rápidamente y te quedas rascándote la cabeza. Bueno, su falta de resultados en realidad podría deberse a algunas cosas a las …

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